Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Okay, so you don’t want to toss the bums out…..

If we let them stay, let’s see how dedicated they really are.

Caution: This is not a BBQ blog post,it is political, remember, you have been warned.

So this week here in Maryland we are celebrating Senator Barbra Mikulski, she is being recognized as the longest sitting woman in the US Senate. She has been a member of Congress since 1976, 36 years if my arithmetic is correct. (when is the last time you heard the word Arithmetic?) My question is why? Why are we celebrating a person that has been on the public dole for this many years?

I know, I know, I have many friends from above the isle that say folks like Ms Mikulski are dedicated public servants. I say from above the isle, because in my view they are from neither the left nor the right, they must be from outer space, you know, above the isle.

First off, I believe using the word public servant to describe any of our current crop of blood sucking, self pocket lining, scheming, philandering and conniving politicians in my view is blasphemy. If you ask me our men and woman in the armed forces, firefighters, police officers, correctional officers, these are our true public servants. To lump politicians under the same tent as these fine folks is an abomination.

Most of the current crop of alleged public servants down the beltway in DC would run, not walk, the other way when faced with what these folks deal with on a daily basis. With just the least mention of the word trouble or danger you’d better stand clear because most politicos will be dashing away from the scene as if someone just announced early voting was open and there was no one around making sure people only voted once. In other words, it would be a stampede.

I have to tell you, when I hear one of these career politicians or their defenders on TV talking about how elected officials are dedicated to serving the public, their work is not done, they only care about the less fortunate, I want to vomit. Come on folks, who is buying this stuff? Does anyone out there think that these people spend millions of dollars to get a job, then hang onto it for as long as possible for any other reason than lining their own pockets?

What kills me even more is when one of them passes away, many times, they try to slide the guys wife into the spot. I guess the thinking here is the deceased guy cared so much for the down trodden, well, his wife must care to, lets give a family member the job. Makes sense to me. No folks, the only reason these folks want the jobs in Washington is for the money, power and influence. Period. They have wriggled and wrangled the rules and regulations in such a way THEY are the only ones who benefit.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have seen plenty of people over the years who are really concerned about helping others and serving the greater good. What I have found is our great Country is just loaded with these folks both in the work force as well as on a volunteer level. People who can really be considered public servants are not in it for the money, they are mostly doing it for the feeling of satisfaction they get just by helping another fellow human being. You don’t believe me, just ask them or the people they serve.

So in order to appease my fine friends from the above the isle I have come to offer a compromise of sorts to help put this issue of term limits to rest once and for all, an olive branch so to speak Who ever said I wasn’t agreeable and amicable and not willing to compromise will have to recant, although, I do have one little stipulation. If you are going to let these alleged dedicated people serve for decade after decade because they do such good work and care only for the people, we are going to have to put a small little codicil into place just to assure they are genuine. Not that I have any doubt you understand.

I here by propose that all newly elected members of Congress must declare upon taking their oath of office, their entire net worth. This figure would be recorded next to their name. Upon leaving office, the GAO would calculate their years of service. The beginning net worth figure would be allowed to increase each year they have served by a percentage based on whatever the gang on the Potomac decided was the cost of living increase given to folks on Social Security that year. If a 2% cost of living raise was afforded, the dedicated public servant (and I use the term loosely) would be able to increase his net worth by 2% for that year, no more. Any monies accumulated above this figure by those so interested in serving and helping the underprivileged would be returned to the coffers to help offset the Nation Debt, a win win.

A win win because we would be reducing the debt with the help of the very folks that created the debt in the first place. After all, why should we the taxpayers be the only ones charged with the task? The second win would be, and you can bet your bottom dollar on this one, we’d see more than a 1 or 2% cost of living adjustment each year if it was driving what Congress was able to steal, I mean earn while in office. Guaranteed.

If these people are so dedicated to serving the greater good as they allege this set up shouldn’t be a problem. I reiterate, look around you, look at the people that are really helping others in hospitals and soup kitchens. They really aren’t in it for the money, THEY ARE in it for the greater good, these folks are real life public servants. Not to be confused with those knuckleheads in Washington jetting over our heads and racing past us in big SUV’s with a police escort because they are much to busy or important to wait in traffic like the rest of us worker bees. In my humble opinion, implementation of this plan, which of course is a complete pipe dream on my part, would certainly separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the character of our beloved elected officials.

It is a well know fact that most members of Congress come to Washington already in pretty good financial shape. The majority, especially from the Senate side, leave (or are carried out) as millionaires and billionaires. So I think the chances that Congress will adopt my proposal is about as good as me winning the starring role on the next season of The Bachelor. That would be of course, IF I was single and IF I was good looking and IF I was 30 years younger, none of which seems to be the case for sure. Asking Congressmen to serve without huge financial gain sounds like a great idea to me, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t support my proposal, because, after all, they aren’t in it for the money or are they?

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