Saturday, August 17, 2013

Totally Q is here!

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After a lot of work by a small group of dedicated and hardworking people, for which it goes without saying, I am not counted as one, (hard working or dedicated that is) my new book Totally Q has now been released. The book is a massive collection of barbecue tidbits, scraps, leftovers and burnt ends that no serious outdoor cook should be without. It is a compilation of assorted facts, figures and fairy tales all emanating from the outdoor cooking arena in some way or another.

The book contains a plethora of stuff that anyone dedicated to cooking in the great outdoors definitely can’t do without. Providing this information has not only been my civic duty and responsibility but has been considered a valuable and essential public service on my part. (OK, I made this last stuff up) But think about it, by carefully reading and memorizing some of the facts and tidbits contained in this book, you will instantly become the “must invite” guest to any and all barbecues or cookouts now and for years to come.

Conversations you become engaged in will become more informative and wittier for all participants; you will be a better person, more well-rounded, much improved. You’ll be considered the life of the party and move immediately to the neighborhood barbecue A-List as you amaze dazzle and entertain your friends and family time and time again just by reciting newly gleamed nuggets of barbecue wisdom found within the hallowed pages of this book. All those within earshot will stand about in complete jaw dropping amazement as to the claptrap they are hearing emanating from your lips. “I wonder where he got that one,” or perhaps “this guy doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about” or “this dude is full of bulls**t” will be some of the many comments you may hear from the throngs of enthralled listeners.

After reading Totally Q from cover to cover, you will find that your food will begin to taste better, your grass will be greener, the sky bluer, the air fresher, your life forever changed for the better. Recent studies have also shown there will be an increased bounce in your step as well as an additional hitch in your giddy-up. Some readers of advanced copies have even reported increased performance and stamina in the boudoir, particularly those with home computers in their bedrooms.

Early reports indicate these folks are able to Google, blog and research about barbecue and barbecue related topics for hours and hours without stopping or coming up for air, simply amazing. Viagra, we don’t need no stinking Viagra. It should be noted that the author, publisher, editor or printer makes no suggestions, promises, assurances or guarantees regarding the books effectiveness on your stamina or boudoir performance. Please contact your physician before using, I mean reading Totally Q. An important side note: To avoid long term injuries seek immediate medical help if experiencing a Totally Q reading session lasting more than 4 hours.

Totally Q is published by Foodways Editions an imprint of Sunbelt Media and is now available through this website, I hope you and your dedicated readers might consider giving it a read. If they do, I hope the book might make them chuckle or at the very least, smile. For it seems to me that one thing we could all use a little more of these days is a few laughs.