Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swinetastic BBQ Festival- June 17-18, 2011

Contest Recap.......

The Frederick County Fairgrounds was the site of the central Maryland Swinetastic BBQ Festival held to benefit the American Cancer Society. This was a first year contest organized by Chris Carter of Carterque Barbeque and Grilling Company located in nearby Mount Airy Maryland. Fifty-three teams signed up to cook this first time event including some of the areas finest pit masters.

Chris and his friendly group of volunteers worked tirelessly to assure the cooks and teams had everything they needed during the two day event. Frequent trash pickups, clean restrooms, and one the scene ice deliveries were just a few of the many items were this event excelled. The continental breakfast put out on Saturday morning complete with still warm gourmet donuts from a nearby Fractured Prune Donut shop were just like icing on the cake.

Live music along with plenty of assorted vendors gave festival attendees more than enough to do both Friday evening as well as most of the day on Saturday. Friday evening was not without its surprises as a cell of heavy rain moved into the fairgrounds area around 5:00 PM dumping enormous amounts of rain accompanied by high wind and a smattering of hail. Mother Nature wasn’t finished yet as she returned around 4:00 AM Saturday morning with a vivid lightning show that was sure to make even the most seasoned storm watcher sit up and take notice.

Saturday morning threatened a bit but the positive vibes of the assembled BBQ teams supplied more than enough mojo to keep the skies dry through turn-ins and for the rest of the day. The teams went on to submit their entries to the judges and then kicked back to await the results while listing to some fine tunes by several local bands.

Friday night’s ancillary seafood category was won by a team named Drilling and Grilling from nearby Glen Rock PA. BBQ Nuts cooking out of Fairfax, Virginia took top honors in the KCBS chicken category on Saturday. Another team from Virginia, Gooney Creek BBQ grabbed the top spot in the rib event. Just Smokin Around from nearby Woodsboro, Maryland took the first place walk in pork. Arlington, Virginias cook team of Patent Pending BBQ were called to the stage to collect first place in brisket.

Grand Champion for this event was PA Midnight Smokers, Paul and Brenda Hess from Willow Street Pennsylvania. Reserve Grand champs were Mike Richter and the Chix, Swine and Bovine team out of Jessup, Maryland. Rounding out the top three overall was Deguello BBQ a second year team calling Springfield, Virginia their home.

Chris says he would like to grow the contest next year. Judging from what appears to be a warm reception from the surrounding community as well as a group of very satisfied BBQ teams, next years event is going to be one you are not going to want to miss.

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Greg Prothero said...

Great recap for a very impressive first year contest. Fridays weather distraction was a bit more "holy crap" then your words describe. Good times were had by all.